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A construction crew at work on April 1, 2021 on a project to create a large lanai area that will be a multi-functional space when it's complete next year.

Construction projects advance at Pālamanui campus

Construction projects at the Hawai‘i Community College – Pālamanui campus will significantly boost the student experience, academic programs and the ability to host campus and community events. 

The projects include renovating space to create a physics lab; adding an overflow parking area that is also a place for construction apprenticeship programs; and adding a large new covered outdoor space that will benefit the Culinary Arts program and give students a better place to congregate.

"These facilities upgrades show continued investment, growth, evolution and our roots growing stronger in this community,” said Raynette “Kalei” Haleamau-Kam, Interim Director of Hawai‘i CC – Pālamanui and the University Center, West Hawai'i. “Mahalo to our supporters for helping to make this happen, including Rep. Nicole Lowen and the entire Hawai‘i Island legislative delegation.” 

Hawai‘i CC Chancellor Rachel Solemsaas added, “These projects demonstrate our continued commitment to serving island-wide and making excellent higher education opportunities available to all Hawai‘i Island residents.” 

The projects are at various stages of development. The parking lot and space for apprenticeship programs has been completed. 

The physics lab is expected to be finished by June and will be an important component of the Associate of Science in Natural Science program. 

The covered lanai project is just getting started, and is expected to be finished next year. 

“It’s an important project that will address several key areas,” said George Paleudis, Pālamanui Facilities Coordinator. 

The covered lanai will afford the Culinary Arts program the infrastructure to deliver professional services to the public as part of their instruction. It will address a lack of infrastructure for students who haven’t had effective space to congregate. In addition, it will be an event space that can accommodate over 300 for college and community functions.