Pictures of Hawaii Community College Model Home
Agriculture Program

Landscaping of the HawCC Model Home is an annual program project which provides the opportunity for students to integrate and apply the theories and principles of horticulture, soil science, plant identification, integrated pest management and landscape methods (design, installation and maintenance) developed over the previous year within a final, culminating project.  As such it also provides an opportunity to evaluate skills, learning outcomes and strengths of the students.   

Aspects of the Agriculture Curriculum Applicable to Landscaping of the HawCC Model Home:

  • Landscape design
    • Principles of design
    • Drawings and graphic techniques
    • Plant selection and native plants
    • Hardscaping, enrichment and use of features
  • Landscape contracting and maintenance
    • Calculations
    • Site preparation
    • Irrigation design and installation
    • Plant installation and maintenance
    • Safety and tool use
  • Horticulture, crop production and plant propagation
  • Soil science and plant nutrition
  • Integrated pest and disease management

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Use safe, ecologically sound and legal horticultural practices
  • Design gardens that demonstrate the aesthetic principles of unity, repetition, balance, color, and texture congruent with the customers’ desires
  • Cultivate horticultural crops in a sustainable manner
  • Operate and maintain tools and equipment
  • Plan and manage projects based on sound biological and technological principles.
  • Interact with customers and co-workers in ways that effectively supports the work to be accomplished
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