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Instructional Technology Support Office (ITSO)


The Hawaiʻi CC Instructional Technology Support Office (ITSO) is part of the Academic Support Unit reporting directly to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. ITSO provides support to Hawai`i CC faculty teaching distance education classes

ITSO supports the mission and goals of the college by providing faculty with instructional design support to increase creativity and the effective use of instructional technology. We are committed to assisting faculty in the design and development of instructional materials for distance education courses.

Unit Outcomes

  1. ITSO will provide Laulima training to support faculty in integrating current instructional technology into the curriculum.
  2. ITSO will provide administration, faculty and staff clear and current policy and procedural information about distance education.
  3. ITSO will support students in their online courses by facilitating Laulima orientations.

To meet the Unit Outcomes, ITSO engages in the following activities:

Provides instructional design support and procedures to guide the development, delivery, evaluation, and revision of distance education courses.

Develops and supports rigorous instructional design models.

Designs and facilitates professional development workshops and training to support teaching and learning with technology.

Conducts one-on-one consultation services addressing technology integration planning, and the design and development of online course sites.

Serves as a campus resource for technology integration and instructional design for the distance teaching and learning environment.

Maintains web pages to support DE faculty and students.

Researches and provides faculty training for new technologies and strategies that enhance achievement of student learning outcomes.

For more background information about online education at Hawaiʻi Community College, please refer to the Online Education Report written in Fall 2012, and updated in Fall 2013.

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Contact Information
Instructional Technology Support Office
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Leanne Urasaki
Upper Campus, 346-109
(808) 934-2647

Helen Torigoe
Upper Campus, 346-108
(808) 934-2645

Hawaiʻi Community College
200 W. Kawili St.
Hilo, HI 96720