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2014 Hawaii Community College Annual Fact Book

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The HawCC fact book was developed to provide an additional means for faculty and staff to find institutional data in support of grants, scholarships, assessment, program review, accreditation, or other reporting needs.

The intention of the HawCC Institutional Research Office is to update the fact book as time and resources will allow during the Summer break every year, so that Faculty and Staff can utilize the site for their reporting needs during the course of the upcoming academic year. The fact book will continue to be built out to accommodate the needs of the college.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you’ve looked over our Fact Book and still can’t find what you are looking for, please contact the HawCC Institutional Research Office for assistance by Email: or call 934.2648.  Mahalo!

About our Students

The charts linked below were developed to provide a better understanding of the students we currently serve in the community. These snapshots reflect certain characteristics of the 3186 credit student fall enrollments at Hawaii Community College as of 2014.

Major Program AreaEntering Students
Classified Headcount EnrollmentEthnicity
Attendance StatusHawaiian Ancestry
Citizenship TypeRegistration Status
Educational LevelEarly Admit


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About our Service Area

Total Population of Hawaii County (2013 Census Estimate)190,821
Total Land Area of Hawaii County.4,028 square miles
Median Household Income (2008-2012)$52,089
Unemployment Rate, Hawaii County (March 2014)5.7%

For the current unemployment rate go to the State of Hawaii Dept of Business, Economic Development & Tourism-Monthly Economic Indicator page at:

Click on the Hawaii County link under the list of counties for Historic Monthly Data and go to end of spreadsheet for the most current rate.

In addition to the current unemployment rate for Hawaii County, the link below compares Fall enrollment at HawCC to the Hawaii County unemployment rate.
Multi-Year Hawaii County Unemployment Rate Trends

Many other useful facts about Hawaii County can be found at U.S. Census Bureau County of Hawaii QuickFacts

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Student Enrollment Information

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Faculty and Staff

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Financial Aid

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Graduation and Persistence Rates

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