In Their Shoes

On line training for faculty

Re: Students with Disabilities


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In Their Shoes is about acknowledging and respecting people with disabilities. The program provides a convenient resource to provide faculty and staff in higher education with ADA based information and sensitivity training to enhance their understanding and comfort level in working with individuals with disabilities.


In Their Shoes is an on-line training program for faculty and staff in higher education. This 15-20 minute interactive web-based program utilizes flash technology to provide an understanding of the ADA based responsibilities of those in higher education; and provides a glimpse of what it might be like to walk in the shoes of an individual with a disability.


When faculty and staff do not understand the characteristics of a disability, they may act in a manner they deem considerate but in fact, it may be insulting or discourteous to a person with a disability. A shared and accurate understanding of persons with disabilities is required. Users will meet students with disabilities, learn about their experiences and find out how to help them meet their academic goals, and see the world from their perspective. Case scenarios are used to provide practical examples and useful tips regarding how to effectively work with students with disabilities. Faculty and staff can print the on-line certificate when they complete the program. The certificate can be included in yearly evaluations.


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