Paepae ʻŌhua 
Native Hawaiian Student Services Program

Mission Statement

Paepae ʻŌhua Native Hawaiian Student Success Center promotes a holistic Hawaiian cultural foundation experience which empowers all learners to maximize their potential by supporting personal development, cultural identity, and academic success.”

The Paepae ʻŌhua Native Hawaiian Success Center is an established program within I Ola Hāloa Center for Hawaiʻi Life Styles.  Based on Hawaiian traditional values and ʻohana nurturing concepts as well as the most effective educational achievement strategies, the Center supports all students in achieving their dream of successfully obtaining a college degree or certificate.


Native Hawaiian Student Support Services

Spring 2013 Student Success Mentor  -

Mina Viritua

Contact Us:

Kamaka Gunderson


ph. 808-934-2600

Melanie Marciel


ph. 808-934-2607

Monica Burnett

Academic Support

ph. 808-934-2604

Keone Chin

Academic Support

ph. 808-934-2600

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Hawaiʻi Life Styles

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