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Welcome to the Humanities Department. Hawaiʻi Community College is committed to providing our Learners with a well-rounded academic foundation, and the role of the Humanities Department is to insure that a solid inquiry into the Human Condition is addressed and exercised. Many of our Humanities courses and "ALL" of our Academic Programs housed in the Humanities Department are highly interactive, experiential and engaging, designed to empower the Learner toward the process of analyzing one's life in relationship to the community in which one lives and works. Hawaiʻi Community College is known nation-wide for our Learner Engagement, do come and experience this for yourself E Ê»Imi Pono, Seeking Excellence!

Dr. Taupōuri Tangarō
Your Humanities Chairperson

Humanities Disciplines at Hawaii CC:

  • Asian Culture
  • Japanese Language
  • Art
  • Digital Media Art
  • History
  • Hawaiian Language
  • Hawaiian Culture
  • Speech Communication
  • Music
  • Religious Studies

Programs Housed within the Humanities Department:

  • Digital Media Arts
  • Hawaiʻi Life Styles Associate in Applied Science Degree, with Specialization in Hula (Chant/Dance), Lawaiʻa (Fishing) and Mahiʻai (Farming)
  • Hawaiian Studies-Hula Associate in Arts (Transfer) Degree


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