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Hospitality Division Programs

Culinary Arts Program

The Culinary Arts Program is designed to provide for entry-level employment in hotels, full-service restaurants, fast food restaurants, institutions (schools, hospitals, corrections, etc.) and private clubs. Accredited by the American Culinary Federation since July 2005.

Students are trained to develop positive attitudes, good work habits and basic food skills for producing quality food items.

Students learn food production skills and techniques for entry-level employment in the challenging and creative world of the hospitality industry.

Math, English, plus 9 credits of General Electives are required.

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Hospitality and Tourism Program

The Hospitality and Tourism program is designed to provide job training for entry-level and first line supervisory level positions in the hospitality/visitor industry. Offering educational training in the field of hospitality/visitor industry will ensure a skilled pool of workers is continuously available to meet the industry’s employment demand on the Island of Hawaiʻi. Additionally, making a career path possible to local workers strengthens the human assets of our community. The program was established to:

  • Meet the growing needs of the hotels and related hospitality/visitor organizations by training existing and future employees in basic skills needed to obtain entry-level and supervisory positions.
  • Provide job upgrading skills necessary for career advancement in the hospitality/visitor industry.
  • Develop skills in verbal and written communication.
  • Develop skills in distance learning that will promote lifelong learning.

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