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The Hospitality Division is composed of both Culinary Arts (CULN) and Hospitality and Tourism (HOST) taught in both the Hilo Campus and the West Hawaii Campus in Kealakekua. On our Big Island of Hawaii the hospitality industry is the largest private enterprise as it is in the entire State of Hawaii. We are fortunate to have a widely varied number of visitor attractions on our island, such as bed and breakfasts, world-class resorts and clubs, helicopter tours, ecotourism, agtourism, active volcanoes, dense tropical forests, dry deserts and outstanding water sports. The vast area of the Big Island is greater than all the other Hawaiian Islands put together.

The Big Island has a rich history of attracting many cultures from the early Hawaiians, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Scots, New England missionaries, Filipinos and recently Samoans and Micronesians. So visitors from around the world visit our island to enjoy its physical beauty as well as learn more about our unique mixture of people.

The HOST Division enables our students to be competitive in developing satisfying careers in the world of hospitality.

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Hawaiʻi Community College
Hospitality Division

Robert Yamane
Hospitality Division Chair

Phone: (808) 934-2553