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Scholarship Information

The scholarship program at Hawaii Community College is for incoming and currently enrolled students. Scholarships are offered each academic year. We encourage those students that have an eagerness to participate in community activities and demonstrate academic potential to apply. The scholarship funds come from various sources such as state and local businesses, private donors and foundations.

Scholarships are widely available and competitive. Most require an application and a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

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Applying for Scholarships

WARNING! Many high schools and colleges provide a scholarship search service free or at low cost. Unfortunately, there are many offers that may sometimes resort to fraudulent and deceptive practices. Families are encouraged to check companies which have made offers by contacting the Better Business Bureau to verify if complaints have been made, or by calling the Federal Trade Commission at (202) 326-2180 for additional information. Please also see: Office of Inspector General for more information on scholarship scams.

Use the Scholarship Guide for further help.

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Hawaii Community College Scholarship Opportunities

Internal Scholarships

Hawaii Community College and UH System Online Scholarship Application (Deadline: March 1)
To get to the application:

  1. Go to or click on:
  2. Follow instructions on the webpage to create an account and log in to apply.
  3. Application Deadline is March 1.

For a list of the scholarships available through Hawaii Community College, click here.

Hawaii Community Foundation Hawaii Community Foundation
Hawaii Community Foundation’s scholarship program consists of over 120 different scholarship funds established by generous individuals, businesses, and organizations to assist Hawaii residents in obtaining a college education.
Kamehameha Schools Scholarships Kamehameha Schools/Ke Ali‛i Pauahi Foundation Scholarship Opportunities
Kamehameha Schools/Ke Ali‛i Pauahi Foundation scholarship opportunities are for students that are pursuing a certificate, undergraduate or graduate degree. Preference is given to applicants of Hawaiian ancestry.
HEA Scholarships Scholarships of the Hawaii Education Association
Each year HEA awards scholarships to individuals (or their dependents) who have been members of HEA for a full year or longer. The deadline for applications is usually in March or early April.
Abbot & Fenner Scholarship Program
Abbott & Fenner are committed to continuing their efforts at helping those who have the desire and ambition to succeed.
Alu Like–Hana Lima Scholarship
This scholarship provides financial assistance to students participating in a vocational or technical education program for occupations that can provide a "living wage."
Liko A‛e
The goal of this scholarship program is to support Native Hawaiian students’ entry into and completion of higher education, and to sustain the cycle of improvement among Native Hawaiians through education.

Complete the Application and Return to the Appropriate Organization
Follow all directions and submit all documents on time! Know what needs to be sent (i.e. application, personal statement, letters of recommendation, transcripts).

  • A personal statement introduces you as someone who is deserving of the scholarship that will be awarded. Please visit Scholarship Help for more assistance.
  • A scholarship essay usually addresses any specific question that might require research, reading a novel and answering a question or have you talking about yourself in some broad or narrowly defined way.
  • Letters of Recommendation show that people in your life respect your skills and accomplishments and that they are willing to say so in writing and sign their names. People to request this from are teachers, athletic coaches, club advisors, supervisors/employers and religious leaders. Don’t forget to thank those who wrote for you.

Be prepared
Some scholarship programs will interview the top applicants. Be prepared to talk about yourself and what you can contribute to the community and how the scholarship will help you in your educational and career goals.

Notification of Awards
If you are notified that you have been accepted as a recipient to receive a scholarship, send a “Thank You” letter to the organization, foundation or business.

Stay on top of things by periodically checking the scholarship search sites and links.