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Financial Aid Forms

MyUH LogoPlease make sure you check your MyUH Portal. Once you are logged in, Under Academic Services, select 'Financial Aid' to view your Academic Progress, Award Information, Holds, and Required Documents.
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General forms

PDF DocumentBachelors Degree Certification Form
PDF Document

SAP Appeal Form

PDF Document

Appeal for Special Circumstance Form

PDF Document

Certification of Transfer Credits to Subsequent Degree Form

PDF Document

OSU Funding for Consortium Classes Request Form (Oregon State University)

PDF Document

Physician's Certification and Borrower's Acknowledgment of Obligation

PDF DocumentSummer Application 2017
PDF DocumentStudent Information Release Authorization Form (to authorize a Third-Party to have access to your student information)

Academic Year: 2017 - 2018

PDF DocumentAbility to Benefit Form 1718
PDF DocumentConcurrent Enrollment Form 1718
PDF DocumentDependency Override Appeal Form 1718
PDF DocumentHigh School Completion Form 1718
PDF DocumentLegal Guardianship Form 1718
PDF DocumentUnusual Enrollment History Appeal Form 1718
PDF DocumentVerfication of Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose Form 1718
PDF DocumentVerification Worksheet 1718
PDF DocumentInstructions for Income Information Required on Verfication Worksheet
PDF DocumentUntaxed Income Verification Form 1718

Academic Year: 2016 - 2017

PDF DocumentAuthorization of Disclosure 1617
PDF DocumentChild Support Paid Verification 1617
PDF DocumentConcurrent Enrollment 1617
PDF DocumentDependency Override Appeal 1617
PDF DocumentHigh School Completion Verification 1617
PDF DocumentVerification of Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose 1617
PDF DocumentSNAP Benefits Verification 1617
PDF DocumentUntaxed Income Verification 1617
PDF DocumentUnusual Enrollment History Appeal 1617
PDF DocumentVerification Worksheet 1617
PDF DocumentIRS Data Retrieval and Tax Transcript Instructions 1617


Loan Forms

William D. Ford Federal Direct Loans (Student)

PDF DocumentDirect Loan Request Form : For First, Second, and Third Time Borrower
PDF DocumentDirect Loan Request 4th time borrower or more : For Fourth-Time Borrower or more

William D. Ford Federal Direct PLUS Loans (Parent)

PDF DocumentDirect PLUS Loan Request Form 


Verification Process

If you are selected for verification, please log on to your MyUH Portal to access a list of required verification forms.

  1. Log onto your MyUH portal at
  2. Under Academic Services, select 'Financial Aid'
  3. Click 'Award by Aid Year' and 'Hawaii CC'
  4. Click 'Award Overview'
  5. Click 'Student Requirements'