2005 Resolution Regarding Contract Renewal

Adopted April 29, 2005



Whereas, there is some confusion regarding the content and length of a contract renewal dossier; and


Whereas, there is some confusion regarding when a contract renewal dossier is to be submitted; and


Whereas, there is confusion regarding the submittal of a progress report in lieu of a contract renewal dossier; and


Whereas, there is discrepancy in the support probationary faculty receive in preparing a contract renewal dossier; now, therefore be it


Resolved, That the Hawai`i Community College Academic Senate will abide by the 2003-2009 Agreement between the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly and the Board of Regents of the University of Hawai`i, which requires no contract renewal dossier from probationary faculty during the first and/or third year; since a two-year contract is offered at the time of hiring the individual and at the time the contract is first renewed and since a contract renewal dossier is required during the second and fourth year;


2.  That the following serve as guidelines for a contract renewal dossier;


a.       The narrative which is the “Endeavors Section” will be no more than

15 double-spaced printed pages and will address the content delineated in

the UH Community Colleges Contract Renewal Suggested Guidelines.


b.      Pagination for each page of the Endeavor Section will begin with the number of that section followed by a decimal point and starting with the number 1.


c.      Supporting documents are optional.  If submitted, they are contained and organized in a separate appendices section and should be appropriately and cohesively cross-referenced in the narrative.  If not submitted, the DPC may request one or more supporting documents.


d.      The contract renewal dossier is submitted according to a published calendar, which is the responsibility of the Administration.  This calendar will inform candidates well in advance to allow adequate time for preparing the dossier and will distribute the work of the reviewing bodies during the academic year.


3.  That if a progress report is requested from a probationary faculty during the first

     and/or third year, the request will be initiated by the Division Chair or Department

     Head, and the following guidelines will direct the request; and


a.      The purpose of the Progress Report is to assist the probationary faculty in preparing for the contract renewal dossier.


b.      The progress report will consist of a checklist (Progress Report), which the probationary faculty will complete and submit to the Division Chair or Department Head (DC/DH). 


c.      A meeting between the probationary faculty and the DC/DH will be scheduled to discuss the Progress Report.


d.      On the basis of the completed checklist, the probationary faculty member, in consultation with the DC/DH, will decide if a mentor would be helpful in assisting with the preparation of the upcoming contract renewal dossier.


e.      The mentor could be the DC/DH or any other faculty member (C3, C4, C5) collaboratively agreed upon by the mentee and the mentor.


f.        The request for a progress report will be made no later than the end of March to allow for mentoring and adequate time for the preparation of the upcoming contract renewal dossier.


4.  That this resolution will be reviewed and modified as may be required by future

     agreements between the University of Hawai`i Professional Assembly and the Board

     of Regents of the University of Hawai`i.







This progress report is designed to help ensure that the probationary faculty is properly assisted in preparing a contract renewal dossier.


Name:  ________________________________ Date Due to DC/DH: _____________


Place a + before each statement or phase that is true for you.

Place a O before each statement or phrase that is not true for you or you are uncertain.


___ I know the purpose of a contract renewal document.


___ I know when my contract renewal document is due.


I know what is expected in the narrative (Endeavors Section) in each of the following areas:

___ Primary Duties to include goals, achievement of goals, and evaluation of


___ Professional/Self-Development Activities

___ College/Community Service Activities

___ Leadership Abilities

___ Response to the reviewers’ written reports for the first contract renewal dossier


___ I know what the recommended length is for the narrative.


___ I know how to paginate the Endeavors Section.


___ I know how to organize my narrative.


___ I know that the submission of supporting documents is optional but that I may be

       asked to submit one or more supporting documents by the reviewers.


___ If I decide to submit supporting documents, I know that they will be in a separate

       section (or binder) called Appendices.


___ I have a way of organizing and filing my supporting documents.


___ I have attended or will attend a Staff Development Workshop on preparing a

       contract renewal dossier.


___ I would appreciate having a mentor to guide me in preparing my contract renewal



___ Although I may not know everything about preparing my contract renewal dossier, I

       believe I can do it without a mentor.


                                    ______________________________  _______________

            Probationary Faculty Signature              Date



______________________________  _______________

            Division Chair or Department Head          Date