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Academic Year 2013 – 2014

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v    Academic Senate Charter

v    New Senator Orientation

v     Academic Senate Executive Committee

v    Academic Senate members

v    Academic Senate Officers

v    Standing and Ad Hoc Committees      



v    Agenda & Supporting Documents

v    Approved Minutes   

v    Schedule of Meetings                              

v    Robert’s Rules of Order OnLine

v    2011 Academic Senate Survey Results (requires MyUH login)

Additional Links

Hawai‘i Community College:          

v    Accreditation 

v    Class caps

v     College Hour Schedule

v     eCAFE

v     Emergency Operations Plan

v     HawCC Current Calendar for Contract Renewal, Tenure and Promotion see Tenure and Promotion links on Resources for Faculty & Staff web page

v     Long Range Development Plans (LRDPs)selected LRDPs for the Komohana and Manono sites & the final LRDP for University of Hawai‘i–West Hawai‘i (Palamanui)

v    Mission and Vision

v    Policies and Procedures Manual

v     Statement on Professional Ethics [Faculty], UHCCP #5.211    (on April 16, 2010, the HawCC Academic Senate endorsed the principles inherent in UHCCP 5.211)       

v    Strategic Plan: 2008-2015 and related documents


UHCC System:  

v    UHCC Contract Renewal, Tenure and Promotion resources seeTenure and Promotion links on Resources for Faculty & Staff web page  

v    UHCC Policies

v    UHCC Vice President’s presentations to HawCC


UH System:  

v    All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs (ACCFSC) agenda, minutes, etc.

v    Faculty Discipline Meetings

v    UH Exec Policies (for the role of faculty senates, see E1.201, “Faculty Involvement in Academic Policy”)

v    UH General Education Memorandum of Agreement (GE MOA) (May 2010, signed by Senate Chairs, Vice Chancellors for Academic Affairs and Chancellors)


v    Committee on Community Colleges

v    Policies (for the role of faculty senates, see Chapter 1, Section 1-10, General Provisions, for “Regents’ Policy on Faculty Involvement in Academic Decision Making and Academic Policy Development”)

v    Schedule of Meetings                 



v    UHPA web site

v    Comparison of LBFO and Tentative Agreement (as of January 16, 2010)

v    July 2009-June 2015 Agreement between the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly (UHPA) and the University of Hawaii Board of Regents (UH BOR)



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