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Welcome to the Environmental Studies Academic Subject Certificate pages!

The Environmental Studies ASC (ESASC) is a 16 credit interdisciplinary curriculum which can be taken by any Hawaii CC major. Courses for the Certificate are taken from the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, which allows students to study environmental concerns from many different perspectives.


  1. Credits Required: A minimum of 16 credits is required to receive the ESAC.
  2. Earn a "C" or better in each course.


All students must take:

SCI 124: Introduction to Environmental Science (3 credits)

SCI 124L: Introduction to Environmental Science Laboratory (1 credit)

AG 190V or SSCI 250: Internship (3 credits)


In additon, students take one course from each of the following subject areas (total = 9 credits):

BIOC 241  Fundamentals of Biochemistry
BIOL 101  General Biology
BIOL 171  Introductory Biology I
BIOL 156  Natural History of the Hawaiian Islands
BOT 101  General Botany
BOT 130  Plants in Hawaiian Environment
ZOOL 101  Principles of Zoology

CHEM 100  Chemistry for non-science majors
CHEM 151  Elementary Survey of Chemistry
OCN 201  Science of the Sea
OCN 205  Intermediate Oceanography
GEOG 101  Geography and the Natural Environment
GEOG 122  Geography of Hawaii

ECON 120  Principles of Economics
PHIL 120  Science, Technology, and Values
SSCI 111  Humanity, Society, and Technology
SSCI 150  Ecology and Society
SOC 100  General Sociology
SOC 218  Social Problems and Issues
POLSC 110  Introduction to Political Science
GEOG 102  World Geography

For a short description of these courses, click here