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Apply for Disability Services

Hawai ‘i Community College students with a documented disability or learning disorder may request and be eligible for academic accommodations. Students with disabilities are responsible for self-identifying their condition and needs to the Hā ‘awi Kōkua program. To request accommodations students are required to fill out an Hā ‘awi Kōkua intake form and submit supporting documentation. A brief description and link to the forms is listed below:

Note: In order to view the PDF documents in this section, you will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

New Student Checklist [PDF]

The new student checklist is a guide to assist new students with the application process.

Intake Form [PDF]

  • The intake form gives the student an opportunity to advocate their needs by sharing with the Hā´awi Kokua program any challenges or barriers they may face while in college. Students can also specify limitations their disability currently creates as well as their goals while attending Hawai ‘i Community College.

Documentation of Disability [PDF]

  • All students who request classroom accommodations are required to provide documentation of their disability. Documentation must be provided by their primary care physician, licensed therapist, or other professional health practitioner. Hawai ‘i Community College does not provide diagnostic services. Required information should include:
    1. Diagnosis identifying the disability or condition.
    2. Date of the original or most current diagnosis.
    3. Current symptoms relating to diagnosis or condition.
    4. The time expectancy symptoms from the diagnosis will last.
    5. Substantial areas that impact daily function or education.
    6. Ongoing medical treatment needed.
    7. Suggestion for reasonable accommodations for the diagnosis or condition.
    8. Signature of the health professional that completed the form.

Release of Information Consent Form [PDF]

  • The Release of Information Consent form gives the Hā ‘awi Kōkua program permission to contact the professional health provider of the student’s choice. This will allow the health practitioner and the Hā‘awi Kōkua program to release or obtain information if the need arises. If you require assistance in contacting doctor or therapist to further details can be found on the form itself.

Please submit all of the above documentation requirements to the Ha ‘awi Kokua Center. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact our office.

Manono Campus
Bldg. 388, Room 104
(808) 934-2825
FAX (808) 934-2501

Pālamanui Campus
Office of Student Services - BLDG D
(808) 969-8816
FAX (808) 322-4839

Students with Disabilities taking Distance Education Classes in the UH System

Students with disabilities who have identified with their home campus disabilities office need to notify their home campus disability office of any DE courses taken at another campus. The disability services representative from their home campus will notify the disability representative of the campus where the DE course is offered. Documentation can be kept at the student’s home campus. The accommodation letter will be generated by the disability representative of the campus where the DE course is offered. Students with disabilities are responsible for self-identifying in a timely manner and obtain their accommodation letter from the campus disability representative where the DE course is offered.