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February 5, 2016
Submission date for Proposals to be effective in Spring 2017 Course Schedule. Changes will be reflected in 2016-2017 Catalog.

Fall 2015 Proposals:


Spring 2015 Proposals:


Fall 2014 Proposals:


Curriculum Review Committee Members Academic Year 2014-2015

Current MembersDepartmentTerm EndsOffice LocationE-mailPhone #
Deseree SalvadorEnglish (Committee Chair)May 2016CH 345C-103dlsalvad@hawaii.edu934-2539
Kanoe LambertGSSSMay 2016Manono Building 379 Room 16ellelam@hawaii.edu934-2613
Kelley O'LearyNursing & Allied HealthMay 2016UHH PB-5 Room 3kjoleary@hawaii.edu934-2645
Billie JonesEnglishMay 2016334-109bjones2@hawaii.edu934-2579
Jack MinassianFire ScienceMay 2015UHH Building 346 Room 119jackm@hawaii.edu934-2617
Melanie MarcielHumanititesMay 2016Manono Building 380-34mmarciel@hawaii.edu934-2607
Jackie S-CarvahloMath/Science CH-102stradtma@hawaii.edu934-2627
Mitchell SoaresATEMay 2014UHH Building 323 Room 114soaresmk@hawaii.edu934-7414
Beth SandersBEATMay 2016UH Center West HI-B5sanders@hawaii.edu969-8805