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Student Success Workshops

The Counseling, Advising and Support Services Center, along with other student services units, offers several workshops to help assist Hawai‘i CC students in reaching their personal and academic goals. Our Student Success Workshops cover a variety of topics related to student success. Workshops can be offered in-class or outside of class time. Workshops are typically 60 minutes long. For instructors to request any of the below workshops in their class, please contact Kenoa Dela Cruz at

Getting Started in College

Workshop Title: FAFSA: Get Your Questions Answered
Description: Did you fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)? Did you know you need to fill it out every year? It’s not too late to complete your FAFSA. Learn about what you need to fill out the FAFSA and how to maintain your eligibility.

Workshop Title: Transitioning to College
Description: Learn about the 3 C’s of transitioning into college: commitment, communication, and choice. First-time students to Hawai‘i CC or students who are transferring to UHH, will understand the expectations of their new endeavor, as well as attitudes and behaviors responsible for success.

Getting Organized

Workshop Title: Creating an Academic Plan 
Description: Developing an academic plan is like setting your GPS before going on a long road trip. Avoid wrong turns, calculate anticipated time to degree completion, and understand the requirements needed to begin developing your academic plan using STAR graduation pathway tool.

Workshop Title: Developing the Habits You Want
Description: The first half of this workshop identifies some habits good students often have. The second part of the workshop is a presentation of Brian Tracy’s The Power of Habit, 7 Steps to Successful Habits.

Workshop Title: Time Management
Description: This workshop will help you understand why time management is important. We will evaluate how we spend time, learn how to use tools to manage time effectively, and use our goals as a monitor for keeping us on track.

Workshop Title: Using Google to Organize Your Life                        
Description: Google apps are a great way to stay organized and collaborate, and they can all be accessed using your computer or mobile device! Use the calendar as a tool to keep track of your busy schedule, including your homework and upcoming tests. Google Drive provides easy access to documents, spreadsheets, or presentations wherever you have access to the internet. It even allows you to collaborate from a distance - your whole group can access the same document and see real-time edits being made. Google Drive even has an app for making your own website. Check it out!

Skills for Academics

Workshop Title: Learning Styles and Study Strategies                                             
Description: Students will learn about three, main learning styles and discover their preferred learning style. They will also apply their understanding of preferred learning styles to improve their learning and study skills.

Workshop Title: Memory Techniques and Study Strategies                                                 
Description: Learn techniques to sharpen and improve your memory. You’ll learn study skill tips, how to remember names, and ways to retain and recall information.

Workshop Title: Test Taking Strategies
Description: This workshop will explore techniques for reducing test anxiety and offer tactics for taking multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and essay type tests.


Workshop Title: Identifying and Responding to the Inner Critic
Description: Most of us engage in internal dialog (we talk to ourselves). Sometimes that dialog is negative in nature and occurs frequently enough that it interferes with our wellbeing. This workshop is designed to begin to identify this inner critic and to begin to develop ways to respond.   

Workshop Title: Social Health and Creating Balance
Description: Do you ever struggle to find that balance between feeling productive and happy at the same time? This workshop will take you through a journey of understanding what balance is and why it is necessary in our lives. Together, let’s explore how having balance can lead to resiliency and a more satisfying life.

Workshop Title: Turning Dreams Into Reality: Creating a Life Plan                                  
Description: Although the idea of college can be very appealing to students, the amount of work required to succeed is often overlooked. This workshop covers important topics such as: clarifying your goals and objectives, designing a plan, and understanding your commitment level which will maintain the motivation needed to succeed in college.

Workshop Title: Stress Reduction: A Holistic Perspective
Description: Come learn a holistic approach to managing stress. Stress can stem from different areas of our life and managing it isn’t always easy. This workshop will help you learn how to build a toolkit of coping strategies that will work for a range of situations.

Workshop Title: Time to Relax                                                              
Description: This workshop will emphasize the mind/body connection, offer opportunities to practice how to recognize our vulnerability to stress and learn how to relax and be kind to ourselves.