Computer Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System (COMPASS)

All University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges, including Hawai‘i Community College, use the COMPASS placement test to assess students' current skill levels in mathematics, reading, and writing. COMPASS is taken using a computer; it is not a paper-and-pencil test.
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COMPASS scores are important. Your COMPASS scores determine which college courses you are eligible to take. Read More

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There are three different COMPASS placement tests: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Generally, test questions are multiple choice.

  • The READING SKILLS test asks you to read a passage and then answer questions to check your understanding.
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  • The WRITING SKILLS test asks you to read a passage and then edit it to correct errors in Read More
  • The MATHEMATICS SKILLS test assesses your knowledge and skills in various areas of math. The test asks you what level you prefer to start at. It is better Read More

You can take practice COMPASS placement tests through the University of Hawai'i Learning Express Library. There are fourteen different tests to choose from. Each test offers instant online scoring and detailed answer explanations. Once you access the Learning Express Library, you will need to set up a user account (it’s easy). Once you sign in, browse the complete list of Learning Centers, select College Placement Preparation and then, COMPASS Preparation.

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Hawai'i Community College Offers three options for testing.

Call your desired compass testing location for Test Times and Requirements. Depending on where you take the test, the procedure for acquiring this number varies. Call ahead to make sure you have what you need to take the test.

COMPASS in West Hawaii at Kealakekua Campus, call 808-969-8830
COMPASS in East Hawaii at the Manono Campus, call 808-934-2540

NOTE: Students taking COMPASS must have a UH Student ID number.

Tips on taking COMPASS

  • Get a good night’s rest and eat something prior to the session.
  • Food and drinks are not permitted in the session.
  • Arrive at least five minutes early so that you will be relaxed when the session begins.
  • Enter the session with a positive attitude. Remember, you cannot fail.
  • Take your time and do not rush. Each of the individual assessments is not timed.

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