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Career and Job Development Center Staff

A Message From the Career and Job Development Coordinator

picture of Helen Nishimoto
Helen Nishimoto
Career and Job
Development Center Coordinator

Pursuing your career can be very exciting and rewarding experience, yet it can also be stressful and challenging. A successful job search results in finding a job that is in a place you want to work, with people that you want to work with, allows you to do things that you enjoy, and gives you a feeling or sense of reward and or accomplishment. Job Search success depends on what you are willing to put into the process. I would be most happy to assist you with your search. Contact me to schedule and appointment.  Expect your first position at a company is likely to be an entry-level position and that it may take awhile to climb the career ladder.  Studies have shown that most Americans will change careers several times in their lives, so it is advisable to be flexible and open to all possibilities.