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Aloha Travelers!

Home at last! Our last menu of the semester is our students' upscale take on Hawaiian Regional Cuisine. They have experienced many cuisines, as you have, and are ready to apply what they have learned to our own local products and iconic dishes.

We would like to thank you all for your patronage and involvement with our students' culinary education. There is much detail to learn and then place into practice. I know speed is lacking, but speed will come for them all as they find their employers "out there" and plug into kitchens where the menu is stable, and their cooking tasks are more repetitive.

Our class field trip to Oahu was a very eye opening look at many of the real realms and concerns of culinary. It was successful, and enjoyable for all.

Again thank you so much for your support. Have a wonderful summer.


Chef Sandy Barr and Chef Brian Hirata
Culinary Arts Program
Hawaii Community College

About The Bamboo Hale

The Bamboo Hale (formerly Gourmet Dining Room) is located on the Mauna Kea side of Building 382, which houses the Culinary Arts program, in the heart of the Hawaii Community College Campus. The Bamboo Hale specializes in international cuisines and is currently providing culinary service with "Around the World" menus during the spring semester.

Recent menus have focused on creative selections from: France, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Sweden, New England, Mexico, and Brazil.

Hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday 11:00 am for first reservations to last reservation at 12:15 pm on most weeks of the semester, with time off for the Annual Hilo Classic Food Show and Competition on April 13th, and Spring Break. Detailed information is included in the Semester Itinerary.

We have new phone numbers across our campus. Our new Bamboo Hale Reservations number is 934-2591. For questions, group reservations, or comments please call 934-2562.

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Contact Information:

Hawaii Community College
200 W. Kawili St.
Hilo, Hawaii 96720

Reservations: (808) 934-2591
All other inquiries: (808) 934-2562