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Program Policies

Students must familiarize themselves with, and abide by the HawCC Student Conduct Code, Sexual Harassment Policy, Controlled Substance Policy, UH Tobacco Products Policy as published in the HawCC catalog, and the following HawCC ABRP Shop Policies.

I. General Conduct:

  • Students will conduct themselves in a mature professional manner, and come to class properly dressed with a positive attitude and prepared to learn
  • Each student must bring his or her own textbooks, supplies, safety equipment and tools to class daily. Borrowing or sharing is not allowed. Failure to obtain these items and have them available in class daily may prevent the student from participating in the class or lab, and failure to pass the course.
  • The student must be alert, study earnestly in class, and work diligently and safely in the lab. Sleeping in class, horseplay, and unsafe acts will not be tolerated.
  • Use of profanity, sexist language, or obscene gestures will not be allowed.
  • Students will not engage in harassment, intimidation or threats of violence, and physical confrontations.
  • Applying graffiti on or damaging vehicles; others personal property; or government property is forbidden.
  • Theft of college or personal property will not be tolerated, and will be reported to the proper authorities.
  • Possession, use, or being under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, or illegal drugs on campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Cell phones are not to be used during class hours and should be turned off or on silent mode.
  • No radio, portable music players, or DVD players are allowed to be played during class hours.
  • Smoking is not allowed in any building on campus, and only allowed in the designated areas 20 feet from the building.
  • Cigarettes, lighters, and matches are not allowed in the lab and must be left in lockers or closed toolboxes, not on the person.
  • No spitting is permitted in and around the facility for health reasons. This includes chewing and spitting of beetle nut and smokeless tobacco.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the lab area. Eating and drinking within the facility is only allowed with the instructor’s consent during designated times and at designated locations.

Students in violation of any of the ABRP or college policies may be reprimanded, or prohibited from participating in the class. Infractions are subject to disciplinary actions as stated in the Student Conduct Code. It is available on the college's website, and is included with the new student orientation packet. You may also be obtained one from the Office of Student Services, Counseling & Support Services Center, or the Applied Technical Education Division Chairperson.

II. Attendance:

  • All students are required to be prompt and regular in attendance.
  • Any students unable to attend or will be late to class must call in the morning before classes begin to report absent or tardy to the instructor.
  • Each student will maintain a daily timecard, to clock in and out of class to verify attendance, and hours of instruction , and no student is allowed to punch another student’s timecard.
  • Students missing more than 6 hours per 30-hour module may have their grade lowered, or may not receive a passing grade for the module.
  • Poor attendance will affect grades. Three tardies will equal one absence. Multiple absences will result in reduction of grade.
  • Excused absences may be granted for leaves documented with valid written excuses.

III. Dress Code:

  • Steel-toe shoes with socks are program required footwear. Shoe soles and leather uppers, must be in good condition and properly laced.
  • Heavy cotton work or denim long pants are recommended, and must be worn secured at the waist. Belt ends must be fixed under belt loops.
  • Short pants, unhemmed cut off legs, baggy and excessively loose pants may present unsafe working conditions and will not be allowed.
  • Durable cotton work shirts or t-shirts are recommended. Polyester, rayon, nylon, type materials should be avoided.
  • Excessively loose clothing, cut-offs, low cut necklines, and tank tops are not allowed.
  • No clothing displaying scenes of obscene, sexist, drug related themes, or that are deemed offensive or inappropriate will be allowed.
  • Undergarments (briefs, bras, socks etc.) must be used as a matter of hygiene as well as safety.
  • Clothes will be kept reasonably clean and laundered, with no large holes or frayed edges.
  • Instructor approved clear safety glasses must be worn in the lab area at all times.
  • Jewelry should not be worn in the lab. Including rings, watches, chains, bracelets, ear rings, tongue studs, necklaces, etc.
  • Long hair must be restrained, tied under a cap or tucked inside the work shirt.
  • Facial hair should be limited to avoid respirator fit problems.
  • Students not in compliance with shop attire rules will not be allowed to participate and may be dismissed from class.

IV. Lab Work:

  • Unsafe conditions or acts must be reported to the instructors immediately.
  • All persons entering the live lab must adhere to the policies and rules of the ABRP program.
  • No unauthorized persons shall enter the lab area. Students are not allowed visitors in the lab without instructor consent.
  • Students will only work on the projects / tasks assigned to the individual or team.
  • All vehicles lifted off the ground must use jack stands placed under it for support.
  • All spills must be cleaned up immediately, and waste disposed of properly.
  • No electrical tools, equipment, or extension cords will be used around wet floors, except as designed for use with liquids (pressure washer)
  • Proper personal protection equipment (safety glasses, faceshield, respirator, welding goggles/ helmet, welding jacket, gloves, etc) must be worn as required when working in the lab.
  • Welding blankets must be used to protect vehicles and equipment exposed to welding and grinding sparks.
  • Respirators must be used when working with dust or fumes.
  • Power equipment not on timers must not be allowed to operate unattended.
  • All vehicles being repaired in the lab should have a properly filled out Work Order along with a Supply Charge Out Sheet to record material usage.
  • All students operating cars in the shop or on campus must posses a valid Driver's License, and be qualified to operate that type of vehicle.
  • Only vehicles authorized for repairs by the instructors may be brought into the lab area
  • Students will not remove personal items or parts from vehicles or perform repairs without instructor’s authorization.
  • Do not operate vehicles, sound systems, or accessories other than as a function of the repair procedure.
  • Students may not sit or stand on, or engage in horseplay or loiter in the vehicles.
  • No speeding, burning rubber, exhibition of speed or unsafe driving on campus, including students operating their personal cars in the parking area.
  • Students may be held liable for unnecessary, preventable, or malicious damages to tools, equipment, and lab projects, as stated in the UHCC Guidelines on Laboratory Charges.

V. Tools & Equipment:

  • All students are required to have the tools listed on the ABRP Basic Tools List in class daily.
  • On a rotating basis all students will be required to assume the duties and responsibilities of the Working Foreperson and Toolroom Attendant
  • The Foreperson will assist the instructors and monitor that students work safely, and follow shop regulations. In performing the duties listed in the “Responsibilities of the Working Foreperson", the student will oversee the class activity, shop operation, and must deal with the general public, when called upon.
  • Each student serving in the toolroom must perform the duties as defined in "Responsibilities of the Toolroom Attendant". The attendant controls tools loaned from the toolroom, and accounts for the return and securing of all tools to the toolroom at the end of each day.
  • No equipment, supplies, facilities or property of the ABRP program may be used or loaned to anyone not in the program, without the authorization of the ABRP instructors.
  • Only students that have received instruction and qualified on its use may operate the tools and equipment of the program.
  • Lost or damaged tools and equipment will be replaced at the student’s expense, in accordance with UHCC guidelines on laboratory charges. This will promote responsible use and care of the college’s property and availability of tools and equipment for all students.

VI. Facilities Use:

  • All students are responsible for maintaining the facility, including the classroom, lab, storage areas, bathrooms, parking areas, driveways, and walkways surrounding the building.
  • At the end of the class period before dismissing the students:
    • The tables & chairs in the classroom will be neatly arranged.
    • Trashcans in the lab will be emptied.
    • The floors, walkways and driveways will be swept.
    • All tools and equipment will be cleaned and returned to the toolroom.
    • All welding gases will be shut down and purged.
    • All production materials and paint & body repair products will be stored properly.
    • All live job vehicles will be secured within the building.
    • Air compressors and refrigerant drier unit will be shut down.
    • All hoses and cords will be neatly coiled and stored.
    • All doors will be closed and building secured.
  • The lab floors and vehicles will be washed down weekly on the last day of instruction.
  • Liquids must be stored in approved containers and have the proper labeling.
  • Only the amount of material that will be used in one day may be left out.
  • Do not overload or dump liquids into trashcans.
  • Spills must be cleaned up immediately, and the waste properly disposed of.
  • Separate lavatories & showers are designated for male, female, and faculty. Keep bathrooms clean, and do not throw hand towel paper or rubbish into toilets.
  • Lockers are provided to store clothes, books, etc. but students must supply their own locks.
  • Telephones are for business calls. Use of phones for personal calls should not be abused.

* The ABRP program instructors reserve the right to determine compliance with program policies and corrective actions necessary to resolve non-compliance and discipline problems associated with participation in the program.

image of quotation mark Life itself is a race, marked by a start and a finish. It is what we learn during the race, that determines whether our participation has had particular value. If we learn from each success, and each failure, and improve ourselves through this process, then, at the end we will have fulfilled our potential and performed well.
~Ferdnand Porsche
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