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The Associated Students of the University of Hawai‘i - Hawai‘i Community College (ASUH-Hawai‘i CC) is a chartered student organization (CSO) established to carry out functions or operations on behalf of the University for the purpose of serving the entire Student Body of Hawai‘i CC. The ASUH-Hawai‘i CC pledges to build a community which is student oriented and establishes a democratic system of government committed to fellowship and service.

Membership consists of students whose home campus is Hawai‘i CC and who are enrolled in at least six (6) credits offered by Hawai‘i CC.

ASUH-Hawai‘i CC Senate:

Claudia Wilcox-Boucher – Manono Advisor
Sam Giordanengo – Manono Advisor
Toni Cravens – Palamanui Advisor
Treven Mukai – President
Kamalani Andrews – Co-Vice President (Manono)
Malanai Arcuri – Secretary
Yvonne Kincaid – Treasurer
Michel Godfrey – Senator (Manono)
Kenneth “CJ” Sweezey – Senator (Manono)
Jonah Poaha-Pali – Co-Vice President (Palamanui)