2014-2015 Committee Members

In light of departure of Interim Assessment Coordinator, the Committee on Committees has decided NOT to proceed with the creation of a standing Assessment Committee. Instead, the Committee proposed the creation of an adhoc Assessment Committee comprised of Admin team, DCs, College Council Chair and Academic Senate Chair to facilitate the current assessment process (will not make changes). The charge of the adhoc committee will expire when the new Assessment Coordinator is hired. Adhoc Committee was approved by the College Council.



The Assessment Committee is dedicated to advancing student learning through activities, experiences and results discovered through the assessment process. The Hawaiʻi Community College Assessment Committee reports to the College Council. The committee is chaired and convened by the Institutional Assessment Coordinator. Committee membership is comprised of administrators, faculty, and staff from academic and service units.

The Assessment Committee will:

  • Provide guidance and support for the continuous development of the Hawaiʻi Community College assessment process:
    • establish and maintain assessment standards to support the quality of assessment at the college
    • establish, publish and update assessment schedules and materials
    • recommend, develop, and facilitate professional development activities that positively affect student learning
    • function as the working assessment group to facilitate and support instructional and unit assessment activities
    • develop, implement and update the assessment feedback process:
      • - establish and apply evaluation rubrics for annual assessment plans, rubrics, and results
      • - ensure that assessment results are published in a timely manner
      • - review Action Plans and Action Plans results
    • support E ʻImi Pono Development Day activities and develop other college assessment events
    • provide a summary report that shows how program and unit outcomes align with ILOs
  • Perform duties and responsibilities (in relationship to college assessment and within the Assessment Committee):
    • The Institutional Assessment Coordinator: notifies programs and units of assessment deadlines; keeps accurate assessment records and publishes results
    • Administration: set and enforce deadlines
    • Working Assessment Group: support and facilitate the campus assessment efforts through working groups and training

Assessment Committee Anouncements:

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Fall 2014:

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