Administration of Justice Program

Associate in Science Degree Requirements
(60 Credits)


Core Requirements (3 Credits Each)

 AJ 101 Introduction to Administration of Justice
AJ 210 Juvenile Justice
AJ 220 Constitutional Law
AJ 221 Criminal Law
AJ 280 Current Issues
Eng 100 Expository Writing
Eng 102 College Reading Skills
Math Math 100 or above or Phil 110 Introduction to Logic
SpCom 151 Personal and Public Speech

 Additional Requirements (3 Credits Each)

 12 credits in AJ courses
 9 credits total by selecting one 3-credit general elective course from each area: Humanities,
Natural Science, and Social Science. All courses must be numbered 100 or above and be an
approved course from the designated area.  A minimum total of 60 credits at 100-level or higher.
Earn a C  or better in all AJ courses.  An overall GPA of 2.0 or better. 12 credits of General Electives.