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      This program provides students with a solid background in the field of Administration of Justice (AJ)  by offering a variety of courses designed to prepare students for careers within the criminal justice system.  The program combines the scientific study of law enforcement, the court system, and corrections, along with a focus on the administration of these systems.  An important component of the program is the study of the causes and effects of crime and the ways in which society responds to such behavior. This program is designed to prepare students to obtain a two-year degree with the knowledge and skills needed to enter a career upon graduation.  It also academically prepares students who wish to continue their degree at a four-year institution.

     A student who successfully completes 12 credits of AJ courses at HawCC may receive up to 6 additional AJ credits for completing basic police recruit training as required by government law enforcement agencies.  An internship program is also available to students who wish to earn college credit by working in the AJ field.  Students can earn up to 6 credits, which can be applied to the program.  Students interested in the internship program should contact the AJ Coordinator.
AJ 101 SPRING 2007

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AJ Advisory Council

Alan Kimura, Police Officer

Barbara Lively, Community Organizer 
Mitch Roth, Prosecutor
Polly Varize, Probation Officer
Kathy Wheeles, Adult Corrections Officer


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