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ISER DRAFT for review

The draft report is ready for campus feedback. In order to provide enough time for teams to complete revisions, there will only be one draft sent out for campus comment. If you do not intend to read the entire report, please read and provide comment on the section(s) that relate to your area at the College and on the proposed QFE section at the end of the document. The completed report will be available to read for the Academic Senate and College Council approvals in spring 2018.

There are three ways you can submit your feedback:

  1. You can use the link below to access the intranet to view and submit comments online.
  2. From the email sent to the campus, you can print out pages and make comments by hand, and send in the relevant pages via campus mail to Caroline Naguwa or Leanne Urasaki (,
  3. From the email sent to the campus, you can download and annotate the Word document using the Comment feature, and send the annotated Word file to Caroline or Leanne.

View the document via the intranet.