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Thursday, October 13, 2005
Documentation for Self-Study, a Presentation by Osh Larish, Librarian
Osh reported that he could not find a definitive recommendation on how to cite sources for the Self Study on the ACCJC website.  In Hawai`i Community College's 2000 Accreditation Self-Study Report (September 2000), every chapter addressing a Standard had its own citation list.  
To avoid repetition created by the format used in the 2000 Self-Study, he suggests that all the sources be compiled in a standard academic format--either MLA or APA, Modern Language Association or American Psychological Association. He believes this is best for many reasons.  First, if we go with MLA, for example, he could order a standard MLA reference guide for each chair or co-chair.  He or she could consult this guide when questions on documentation arise.  Second, our readers from the ACCJC are mainly academics; they will be familiar with these formal academic formats (MLA or APA) and appreciate our academic effort.  Third, our co-editors will have an easier time revising and proofreading if we have a consistent format.  Fourth, without formal guidelines committee writers tend to have wordy lead-ins.  When you introduce the source in prose, it takes too long to make a point.  Finally, since most professors teach either MLA or APA, our committee writers will familiarize themselves with the documentation formats expected in college courses.  If we use MLA or APA, we can still put “Works Cited” (MLA) or “References” (APA) at the end of each section.  Typical MLA or APA in-text citations look like this: 

  • MLA:

According to Kealoha, “yada yada yada” (21).          

  • APA:

According to Kealoha, “yada yada yada” (1999, p. 21).    
Comments by Trina
Trina suggested, from her experience on previous visitation teams, that it is easiest if references for each standard are grouped together.  Hard copies are available according to Standards in a file cabinet for the Visitation Team. Trina will email ACCJC to see if there are published guidelines.
Agendas and Minutes from Standards 
Osh asked that Standard Chairs photocopy agendas and minutes from their meetings and send copies to “Osh” Larish, HawCC Gen. Ed., EKH 202. These are for the accreditation library.   
Student Survey
Due to time constraints the student survey was not discussed.
Next Meeting
The next meeting is Thursday, October 27, 9-11 a.m. in Conference Room 6A.