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Meeting Notes
Thursday, September 29, 2005
Student Survey
Results from the Student Survey conducted fall 1999, prior to the 2000 Accreditation Report, were distributed. Results and questions used for the survey were discussed.
Suggestions for questions submitted by Steering Committee members were distributed and discussed.
Jennie reported Student Government did not wish to include any questions. 
A few questions from the 1999 survey were edited and some were deleted. New questions were added. Beth will prepare a draft for review by the Accreditation Steering Committee. A summary of these edits, deletions, additions are at the end of the meeting notes.
Self Study Timeline
The self study timeline was reviewed.

  • October 14(F), 2005:  First Draft Due (copy available to Steering Committee and Standards)
  • January 30(M), 2006: Second Draft Due  (copy available to all faculty, staff, & students/website)
  • March 24(F), 2006: Third Draft Due
  • May 2(M), 2006:  Final Draft Completed
  • June 30(F), 2006:  Obtain Signatures
  • July 24(M), 2006: Final Document to be sent to the Printers
  • September 2006: Final Document sent to the Commission
  • October 25-27, 2006:  Approx. Team Visit Dates

Next Meeting
Next Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 13, 9-11 a.m. in Conference Room 6A.
Notes on Edits, Deletes and Adds to 1999 Student Survey

  • 1 keep
  • 2 keep
  •   Delete 3
  • 11 edit: computing equipment and labs are accessible and available.



  • I was easily able to register for classes on line.
  • Official printed college publications, such as the catalog and schedule of classes, are accurate, current, and helpful.
  • The college’s official website is accurate current and helpful.
  • The services provided by the following met my needs.
    • Financial aid office
    • Business office
    • placement testing services
    • admissions and records office
  • The services of the following support my learning and educational goals
    • career center
    • student employment
    • disabled student programs
    • counseling center
    • learning center
    • on campus childcare
    • campus health services
    • Library
  • The following enhance and improve my educational experience at HawCC
    • student activities
    • student government
    • student newspaper
    • student associations
  • My education experience at HawCC is improved by
    • practicums
    • internship
    • cooperative vocational education (CVE)
    • service learning
  • I know where to go or who to see to improve conditions at the college.
  • The college provides well equipped and maintained
    • Classrooms
    •  Laboratories
    • Restrooms
    •  Off campus sites
  • The college provides safe learning environments.
  • I am satisfied with the number of classes offered over the
    • Online/internet
    • video conferencing, vidcon or hits
    • evening classes
    • weekend
  • I recommend my family and friends attend Hawaii Community College.

Notes on Edits, Deletes and Adds to 1999 Student Survey