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Meeting Notes
Thursday, September 1, 2005
Review May 12 Meeting Notes
Meeting Notes from the May 12 meeting were approved with the following changes:

  • meeting dates have changed from what was decided spring 2005 so the new meeting dates will be included
  • the date for written recommendations to be ready for discussion will be changed from Oct 20 to Oct 27.


  • Jennie asked if we need a date for the revised 1st draft (after the Oct 27 meeting) to be sent to co-chairs. Discussion followed.
    • The committee will discuss the 1st draft at the Oct 27 meeting.
    • Feedback from the Oct 27 meeting will be sent to the Standard Chairs.
    • At the Nov 10 meeting, the standard chairs may bring issues in need of discussion.
    • The committee decided a revised 1st draft is not required
  • Discussion occurred on when drafts should go to the editors. It was decided co-chairs will not send anything to editors until the final draft (May 2); meanwhile, editors will provide input via the regular review process.
  • 2nd draft is due Jan 30

Standard Chair Reports
Lou reported Standard 4 was meeting with the UHCC system via vidcon on Sep 9.
Sara said Standard 3was having difficulty getting system data especially for facilities. They are working with Mike Leialoha and it is just going to take time. They may have gaps in the Oct 14 draft.
Mai reported Standard 2 was waiting for the results of the annual faculty, staff administrator survey and responses to a questionnaire sent to division chairs.
Jim reported Standard 1 had been meeting and would be meeting again Sep 2.
Beth reported Sherrie Ann would not be able to start on the survey results until after Sep 15. Since the standards were in need of the results, Beth did an informal summary of the survey. This will be emailed to the committee by Fri, Sep 2.
Steering Committee and Standard Committee Minutes

  • Standard chairs are to send minutes to Osh for inclusion in the library. They will not be posted on the website.
  • Steering Committee minutes will be posted on the website. They need to be reviewed prior to posting.  Beth will email to the steering committee her meeting notes. They will be approved at the Sep 15 meeting.

Shawn reported the CCSSE student survey and faculty survey are linked to the Assessment website. Beth said she had summarized the Graduate/Leaver Survey results. She will send results to Shawn for posting on the Assessment website.
The committee agreed a student survey is needed. Kathy Rodriguez said student government had developed a questionnaire which they planned to administer online. The plan was for students to complete survey questions prior to entering banner. She said John Carroll has the questions. Beth will check with John on the student survey. The committee will review the questions during the Sep 15 meeting.
Meeting Schedule
Thursdays, 9-11 a.m., Conference Room 6A

  • 9/15/05
  • 9/29/05
  • 10/13/05
  • 10/27/05
  • 11/10/05
  • 12/01/05

Next Meeting
Thursday, September 15, 9-11 a.m., Conference Room 6A
The main topic for discussion will be the student survey.