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Present:  Marilyn Bader, James Yoshida, Sara Narimatsu, Lou Zitnik, Christina Iha, Pamela Hudson, Shawn Flood, Trina Nahm-Mijo, Jennie Padilla.
Meeting called to order at 10:25 am
Trina distributed suggested revisions for the 2000 accreditation survey which the committee may want to consider for use in the 2005 survey to assist in data collection. Beth Sanders compiled  the suggestions for the committee.
Motion and second (Padilla/Narimatsu)  vote  7y 1n
The faculty and staff paper/pencil survey will be administered at the All College meeting in August 2005.
Several members of the committee decided to meet over the summer to work on developing the survey tool: Shawn Flood, Beth Sanders, Jennie Padilla and Trina Nahm-Mijo all volunteered for this project.
Pam Hudson asked for an advance notification for all faculty to encourage participation in the survey.
The committee was in agreement that the 2005 survey would be based on the questions used in 2000 with additions submitted by the various standards.
Discussion centered around posting minutes on the Hawcc Accreditation Website. Pam Hudson asked that all minutes be approved by the committee prior to posting on the website. It was agreed that all minutes would first be approved by the committee and subsequently posted on the website.  The first group of  minutes under consideration would be the meeting held between 12/17/2004 and 5/12/2005.
Fall 2005 Meeting Schedule
September 1, 15, and 29
October 13 and 27
The standard chairs will be invited to attend the fall meetings to facilitate general communication and enhance the overall process.
Strategy for the first draft
The standard chairs will forward their drafts to the ACS by 4:00 pm on October 14, 2005.
The ACS will review the drafts and make recommendations which will be sent to the standard chairs for revisions by October 20. 2005.
All written comments on the first draft must be ready to discuss at the October 27, 2005 ACS meeting.
Trina concluded the meeting by handing off the “paddle” to Jennie and Beth.