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Meeting Notes
March 3, 2005
Recorder: Beth Sanders
I.        Chair reports – Standard Committee Updates
Beth reported both Standards 1 and 2 had meetings scheduled and the standard chairs were well organized.  Standard 2 had not been able to get in touch with their student representative.  Keala said Shellie had a new email address: Doug said Linda (who is filling in while Ellen Okuma is on sabbatical) is looking forward to a call from Standard 2.
Jennie reported Standard 3 weekly meetings continue and work is progressing. Sara said she planned to actively recruit on March 4 at the college’s “Paddling Our Own Canoe” day. Jennie reported Standard 4 met but there were problems working with the system.  Doug suggested Joanne Itano be contacted; email  Trina said she had also asked Noreen to work with Lou. Doug expressed concern as to whether Standard 4 had enough coverage especially in the financial area.  It was suggested Lou might want to recruit additional committee members on March 4.
II.     DOI’s Update on Progress Report and Barbara Beno
Doug reported he had participated in a conference call with Barbara Beno and the CC Chancellors on Friday, January 25.  She and a Commission Representative will be coming to Hawaii April 3-7 for onsite visits at several community colleges.  They will not be coming to HawCC.  They will visit HawCC in fall 2005, probably in October. They have scheduled an exit interview with David McClain for April 8.
The Progress Report will have a collective report on system recommendations (recommendations #2, #5, #6, and #7) written by Mike Rota.  The thrust of the HawCC report is the development of program reviews.
Doug said that during the conference call the Maui CC Chancellor asked how come they were put on warning when the feedback they received was good.  Barbara Beno replied they were happy about Maui but the CC system does not have an organized structure for program review; she said there must be a core that is the same across the system. ACCJC feels that the current organizational structure does not provide a means to sufficiently interface uniform program reviews with planning and budget.
Sara said the program review issue and resource issue had surfaced in standard 3 committee discussions. Their questions/concerns include:

  1. Who makes decisions on facilities given the system structure?
  2. How does the system justify the financial part?
  3. A lot of what we have (don’t have) is because the system gives money elsewhere.
  4. We don’t have a lot of control because we are at the mercy of the system.
  5. The Academic Development Plan and Program Review must be tied together. Unless the system addresses the issues in the ADP it is a useless document.

Doug commented:

  1. The 2002-2010 ADP has $1 ½ million of additional cost included in it yet there is no money and it did not have a commitment of money.
  2. We all have a long way to go.

III.   Website Issues

  1. What should be on the website?
  2. Putting minutes of committee meetings on the website might curtail honest dialog.
  3. Minutes shouldn’t be put on the web; they should be in the library.
  4. Meeting agendas can be put on the web.
  5. Hard copies of minutes should be in the Accreditation Library
  6. Standard committees need to send hard copies to the Accreditation Librarian, Michael Larish.
  7. Shawn suggested the web have a link for Minutes when clicked on says hard copy available by contacting Accreditation Librarian, Michael Larish.
  8. The need for cross college dialog was mentioned.

IV.  Formatting of Reports
Following discussion, it was agreed that page setup standards should be used by all persons and committees submitting text for the Accreditation Report. These standards are

  1. Top and bottom margins: 1 inch
  2. Right and left margins: 1 ¼ inch
  3. Font: Arial TIMES NEW ROMAN
  4. Font size: 12
  5. Headings: Bolded

There is information at the beginning and end of the Accreditation Report that is the responsibility of the Accreditation Co-Chairs, Beth and Jennie. They should review the ACCJC guide and the previous report to see what is involved.
V.     March 4 “Paddling Our Own Canoe”
Trina distributed a draft agenda for the March 4 learning day and highlighted some of the activities planned:

  1. Facilitators of the course SLO activity had a successful training session.
  2. Standard Chairs have been asked to speak briefly and may recruit additional members at that time.
  3. She and Jennie are working on a PowerPoint presentation.
  4. Jennie is working on music to play as each Standard Chair is introduced. 

VI.  The next meeting is Thursday, April 7, 9:00 AM.